Sunday, July 21, 2013

Runkle School Playground

My latest playground excursion was to Runkle School Playground, which is pretty amazing (and I have to thank my friend Reyna Simnegar for the tip). It has two toddler-type areas and, around back, a fantastic area for older kids, with different-from-the-usual structures.

(In the face of all this fabulous equipment, of course, my toddler spent half an hour running up and down the stairs between the two toddler areas.)

The morning I was there (granted, in the middle of a heat wave), most of the equipment was in direct sunlight and too hot to touch. However, friends who live closer assure me that in the late afternoon, most of it is in shade and cool. Which means I am planning a return trip here as soon as I can find a late afternoon to do it in.

Update: We returned here at 4 pm one day and it was beautifully shaded and pleasant - and lots of fun. For once, I wasn't even the only adult in the playground pulling the "let's pretend our kids need us to play with them" routine so I could climb on the equipment myself...


  1. Have been following the blog, and this was a great suggestion. Soft playground surface and variety of climbing structures perfect for our 14-month-old crawler/crusier.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that the blog is fulfilling its purpose.

  2. I had just heard about the new structures at Runkle. Came to get the scoop on your blog - thanks for the tips. I'll be sure and check it out on a shady afternoon.