Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cassidy Playground

A/k/a the non-playground: Though it’s called Cassidy Playground on the map, I’ve driven past here a few times and never noticed any playground equipment, so I figured I’d bike down and check it out before taking my kids there. Good thing I did. There is in fact no playground equipment – there’s a huge field, some baseball diamonds, and a tennis court. There are also gaggles* of your typical humongous and, presumably, aggressive Brookline geese, of which my kids are understandably terrified. It’s probably a good place for sporting events for older kids, but for younger kids there’s not much there.

*Apparently, if they’re on the ground they’re called a gaggle rather than a flock. Hey, I didn’t make up the rule. I’m just blindly following it.

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