Sunday, July 14, 2013

Longwood Playground

Longwood Playground, right near Lawrence School, is a playground I know well; I just hadn't managed to make it there with a camera until now. It's one of my favorites. There are two separate playground areas at the two ends of the park - one geared toward toddlers at the Longwood Avenue entrance, one geared toward older kids at the Francis Street entrance - and between them, a very large sprinkler that can become a bit of a wading pool in spots. (I believe they don't turn the sprinkler on until the school year ends.) Then there is a large field with a circular path around it that is perfect for kids who want to bike/scooter etc. The playground is also full of unexpected side diversions that often take up more of my kids' time than the actual equipment - ledges to walk on, stones to climb on, a shady wooded slope near the Longwood entrance that my kids love.

This playground gets a LOT of sun, and much of it isn't shaded. This can be a disadvantage in the summer (though the large sprinklers help a lot), but during in-between weather, it makes a big difference - it feels about 5 degrees warmer here than in any of the other playgrounds. (Also during colder weather, the tennis courts tend to be empty, making them a whole new play area.)

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