Sunday, October 13, 2013

Larz Anderson Playground

Perched on the edge of Larz Anderson Park, this is a great playground, with a lot of unique play structures in a beautiful tree-lined setting. (With bathrooms!) It's technically fully-enclosed, but the number of kids running back and forth mean the gates are almost always open.

There's a large field to one side, a covered picnic area on the other, and paths for wandering and biking that lead over a pond with a fountain and (I presume) into the wooded areas beyond.

The playground itself is almost impossible to find on a map (I say "almost" because 99% of the population has better map skills than I do); I only located the playground because this blog tipped me off. It's right across from the parking lot on the Goddard Ave entrance to the park. If you're driving, putting 287 Goddard Avenue into your GPS should get you there (if anyone tries this and can confirm it in a comment, please let me know)! Another good landmark: it's just a bit down the road from The Park School, which is at 171 Goddard Avenue.

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