Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lee Memorial Wading Pool & Playground

We discovered this wading pond + playground by accident, while we were looking for the Esplanade Playground. (Yes. Yes, we were quite lost.) It was a happy discovery! The wading pool is smaller but less crowded than the Frog Pond, and, if memory serves correctly, deeper in the center. It also opens earlier (at 9:30).

The playground itself was nice but standard – probably not worth a visit on its own, but a great place to go dry off after using the wading pool.

There is a parking lot with 2-hour parking, and when we were there on a weekday morning there were plenty of empty spots (though it also looks like an easily-missed turn off Storrow Drive to get there), and some of the other parents there told me they had walked over from the Science Museum.

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