Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Schick Park

And Monday's playground was Schick Park, a really cool playground with a separate little kids section (basically a playground in a sandbox). It's at the summit of a hill and kind of hard to get to... if you don't turn on the right street, you might end up walking in circles around it for 40 minutes trying to figure out where exactly it is and how to get there. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

(Update: The simplest way to get there, if you're walking from Beacon Street: Go up Wintrhop Road, then turn right on Addington Road. Uphill all the way!)


  1. Definitely a cool park! My 5 year old loves the "bigger kids" part of the playground (with wood chips under it) and my 2 year old loves the "smaller kids" part of the playground with the sand. There is a single basketball court as well. Agreed on finding it, although one good trick coming from Washington St. is to use the paths up the hill. From Washington & Fairbanks go up Winthrop Path to Winthrop Rd., turn right, then look on the left side of Winthrop Rd. for Addington Path. That takes you directly to one of the gates of the park.

    1. Thank you! I figured out that trick on my second excursion there, and it definitely made things a lot easier.